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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I decided to create one of a kind gifts for Mother's Day with my sunday kids class. I've seen around the craft blogs lately the DIY sharpie mug. I decided to try it for myself I purchased a nice cheap white mug at the dollar store and a bag of sharpies. The outcome and design process was a blast ! I recommend everyone try it !! I followed this lovely blog called the Best Of This Life by Emily Smith. click for directions.

I always think birds represent Mother's perfectly. They create beautiful nest from the best materials they can find. Watch carefully over their young. Just a beautiful creature. For my design I used a bird and many florals. After carefully drawing out my design I let my cup to dry and later baked it in the oven. 

Designs done by my lovely students as well as hand made pvc pipe flowers. 

Outcome was great. Every mom loved their cups. 

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